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Baby Self-Soothing Tips & Creating a Safe Environment For Babies.

“They really do love Cuddle Squares… the girls are constantly rubbing them. They use their sense of touch… while they are sucking on the pacifier!” Kim; Ashland, Ohio

How "Comfort Objects" Like CuddleSquare Help Babies

Self-soothing is an impor
tant developmental achievement for babies. Experts say that security blankets and other comfort objects can help babies begin to:
  • Find confidence and comfort on their own
  • View the outside world as less overwhelming
  • Move beyond the security of their parent's protection
  • Find reassurance when away from home (which is why comfort objects are common among children in daycare)
  • Learn to calm themselves with something familiar and unchanging

We think it’s important to share a few tips about creating a safe environment for babies from the CPSC, JPMA and AAP:

Remove all soft bedding and other soft items from the crib before placing a baby to sleep.

Always place your baby to sleep on his or her back to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Offer a pacifier at nap-time and bed-time throughout the first year of life.

For more information, talk with your physician or visit:

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

Juvenile Products Manufactures Association (JPMA)

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)