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Pacifiers for Newborns

Individual JollyPop Pacifiers for Newborns

JollyPop pacifiers from Sandbox Medical are designed to match your infant's level of development. JollyPop pacifiers for newborns are designed for babies without teeth. JollyPop features a matte textured, natural shaped nipple that does not create nipple confusion for breastfeeding babies. It is the same nipple as hospital baby bottles. JollyPop newborn binkies come in a variety of colors, unscented or with a mild vanilla scent that many babies find soothing. Buy a single JollyPop pacifier when you need to replace a lost binky, or when your child is almost ready to move up to the next size. (We recommend buying more than one, if you lose your only JollyPop you’ll have more on hand to soothe your baby!)

Baby’s Favorite Pacifier

In addition to comfort, our individually-packaged baby pacifiers are designed with safety in mind. They are made of 100 % medical grade silicone that is flexible and soft. JollyPop pacifiers are made in the USA, manufactured in one piece as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and pass all US Consumer Product Safety Commission safety tests.*

Remember to take advantage of our free shipping deals on orders of $25 and over: free shipping in the US, or flat $6 shipping to Canada!

*Complies with USA Standard 16CFR 1511.