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JollyPop Baby Plus+ Pacifiers

JollyPop Baby Plus+ Pacifiers are the perfect soother for babies just beginning to teethe, but don’t yet have teeth. JollyPop Plus+ Pacifiers offer the same soft, comfortable, curved-shaped design as our Newborn- and Preemie-size pacifiers but are crafted with a slightly more durable 100% medical-grade silicone to last longer when babies begin to teethe. Plus+ Pacifiers have the same textured nipple that babies love. The nipple is the same as the 0-3M newborn JollyPop and the same nipple used in hospital baby bottles. And, like all JollyPop pacifiers, Plus+ pacifiers are made in the USA, manufactured as one flexible piece – and feature an open-backed nipple, allowing you to insert your finger to help further soothe your baby. JollyPop Baby Plus+ Pacifiers come in several baby-bright colors, as well as unscented or with a calming, light vanilla scent. Check out our selection of JollyPop Baby Plus+ Pacifier Value Packs to be sure you always have plenty of pacifiers on hand!

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