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Read What Parents Say About JollyPop Pacifier!
We were introduced to the JollyPop Pacifier in the hospital and it is the only one she will will use!
H. Temple, Scottsdale, AZ

JollyPop Pacifier is the only paci Baby Layne will take! 
Amanda, Des Moines, IA

When we found them on your website we were so happy. We got one at the hospital and she latched onto it right away, and totally wouldn't give it up. It’s like her security.
I really do love how you designed the pacifier as all one piece and the soft, frosted color. I love seeing inside her mouth. Plus, the soft jelly material that you use is great! If my daughter drops her pacifier while she's sleeping, I have peace of mind knowing that if she lies on it, it won't hurt her or jab into her like most pacifiers these days. We will definitely be using them for all of our children.
L Dawson

The only one my son likes! He even snubs the hospital Soothies.
Marissa; Raleigh, IL

Our daughter LOVES the pacifiers and I have gotten more products from your website and have been very happy with each and every one of them! Of all the pacifiers that we had gotten for her before she was born, this is the only one she prefers since this is what was given to her at the hospital.
The Kochmans

Best of Both!

JollyPop is the best of both world’s between the Soothie®™ and GumDrop™. Softer feel while fitting baby’s mouth better so he keeps it in longer. I really love the clear with a touch
of color. GREAT!

Miranda; Sevierville, TN

One Piece
I like the fact that JollyPop is one piece.
Barbara; Greene; KY

Loves it More Than GumDrop
My son loves it more than his GumDrops. If I had to give this product a 1-5 star rating, I’d give it a full five stars. We love the GumDrops and love the JollyPop even more.
Gade; Salinas, CA

Fits Oxygen Cannulas
The shape of the JollyPop is great! My son was born at 25 weeks and is currently on oxygen.
The shape of the JollyPop allows his cannula to fit.
Noelle; Valders, WI

Love the Loop Handle
I found the loop shaped handle easier to put in the baby’s mouth, also looping it on my finger as I was picking baby up or putting her down and then having it on my finger to give to her.
Kristie; Escanaba, MI

Easier to Hold
I love the handle. It’s easier to hold and attach a pacifier clip; and it makes it easier for my baby to put it in his mouth.
Lori; Frisco, TX

Soft & Flexible
I thought the JollyPop was great! I like that it was easy to hold because of the handle.
I also thought my daughter was able to keep the JollyPop in her mouth better than the GumDrop. I think it was because of the soft flexible material. It seemed to fit the shape
of her mouth better.
Tricia; Cherry Hill; NJ

Easier to Keep in Mouth
They loved them from the second we gave them! Love the handle and the lightness of the pacifier made it easier for them to keep in their mouths.
Taylor; Canaan, CT