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SandBox Medical - The Source For JollyPop Pacifiers

We are a small, passionate group of ten women and two men, most of whom are working parents. Many of us have been working together for over a decade. We are dedicated to customer service and eager to answer your product questions or help you with your order. If your phone call goes into voice mail or if you send us an email, we try to reply within one business day (but a sick child or school event sometimes may delay us).

Marketing, customer service, shipping and operations are done from our office in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

About Our Founders
In 2009, wife and husband partners Eileen Gay and Read McCarty started Sandbox Medical to continue their passion for development of products for premature babies and
full-term newborns.

Read McCarty designed the Soothie and GumDrop Pacifiers. In 2013 Read discovered a new process that could make an even safer and more comfortable pacifier so he developed the JollyPop. Prior to SandBox Medical, Read and Eileen found Hawaii Medical. Read also was the founder and CEO of Children's Medical Ventures. They dedicated those companies to improving the practice of developmentally support, family-centered care in the NICU.

Customer Advocacy
Our customers are precious newborns and we all share the role of "customer advocate". That means our priority is the satisfaction of you and your babies.

Products for the NICUs and Nurseries
SandBox Medical has a family of products for use in the hospital nurseries and NICUs including JollyPop Pacifier, Jellies Positioning Aids, CoverMe Disposable Swing/Rocker Cover and others.

Contact Us

If you have any comments, problems or compliments, please contact us:
T 1.781.826.8739 | 1.877.396.1551
F 1.781.826.8210
E or
Sandbox Medical, LLC 50 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 750, Pembroke, Massachusetts 02359